Oregon City

ABOVE: Oregon City in 1847.

This was the final stop in the 2,000 mile long trail--Oregon City.

Emigrant James Miller:
"On our arrival in Oregon City, I found everything quite different from what I expected. There were three small churches, three stores, two blacksmiths shops, two flour mills and one weekly newspaper, the Oregon Spectator. My father purchased a house and lot and we moved into it soon after we arrived, and commenced the sale of our boots and shoes. For fine boots, we got five dollars a pair."

Emigrant Overton Johnson:
"We were happy, after a long and tedious tour, to witness the home of civilization. To see mills, storehouses, shops. To hear the noise of the workman's hammer; to enjoy the warm welcome of countrymen and friends."

From Oregon City the emigrants fanned out in all directions to stake their claims and begin their new lives. They had reached the promised land.

The provisional government allotted 640 acres of fertile Willamette valley farmland to every male citizen. The emigrants soon learned that the legend of Oregon was true.