Courthouse Rock

ABOVE: Courthouse Rock (left) and Jail Rock (right)

To an emigrant who had never seen a mountain, or even a bluff, Courthouse Rock and its companion, Jail Rock were quite stunning. Many pioneers were so enraptured by these bizarre geologic features, they took a side trip of several miles--on foot--just to get a closer look.

Emigrant Joel Palmer:
"Viewed from the road, the beholder might easily imagine he was gazing upon some ancient structure of the old world. A nearer approach dispels this illusion,and it looks, as it is, rough and unseemly."

Emigrant Walter Pigman:
"We spent about an hour on the summit writing. Our heads became dizzy, we began to hunt the base and had a hard time to overtake our wagons.Being nearly 15 miles off, we traveled hard but did not overtake them.We had left camp without a gun, pistol or knife, which we ought to have had as the wolves and bears became unusually thick."

Emigrant David Jackson Staples:
"We made our noon halt opposite Court House bluff; after noon, several of our party went over to take a look at it. I climbed to the top and engraved my name and such a view man seldom sees."